As a result of the Government of Puerto Rico’s extension of the “lockdown” period for an additional three (3) weeks through May 3, 2020, we must recognize that the time for the reopening of our economy and its recovery will probably be much longer than originally anticipated. Last week, the White House published its Guidelines for Opening Up America Again providing the roadmap for states and territories to resume economic and commercial activity, which also make it clear that the reopening process will be prolonged and complicated.

To the extent that we have to adapt to this new reality, in its role as an employer, the private sector must be prepared to protect its employees, and in its role as a provider of goods and services, its clients.

In order to respond to this new state of affairs, at CCS we have organized a multidisciplinary group for the purpose of assisting you in the management of the various business issues that merit the utmost attention during and after the ongoing Pandemic. Among these, we recommend you should, as soon as possible:

  • Formalize and document the necessary processes in your business to ensure the continuity of your operations.
  • Create a formal manual to establish how you will undertake the operations and process in your business, during and after the conclusion of the Pandemic (Pandemic Manual).
  • Review and update of Employee Handbooks or Manuals to bring them in compliance with the prevailing conditions for the rendering of services during and after the Pandemic.
  • Review of current contractual obligations, in order to evaluate the impact of the Pandemic upon the same, and detect and/or anticipate possible breaches and defenses to the same (contract compliance).
  • Perform an inventory of possible new or additional legal risks to which your business could be exposed during and after the Pandemic, and establish mitigation protocols.
  • Verify if Public Liability Insurance Policies follow the new reality and provide adequate protection.
  • Verify the language of the business interruption insurance policy; the policy could include language or provisions that could provide indemnification under certain circumstances.

These are some of the areas that our Group has identified which merit your immediate attention. There are other areas that we have not included, due to space limitations. Moreover, depending upon the nature of your operations, there could be other areas that would likewise warrant attention. 

If you believe we can assist you with these or any other matters, please contact us at or call (787)-777-0680.